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I drew some Dlanor on my Twitter yesterday.

Precious baby

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[despair intensifies]

[hope intensifies]

I need more crossovers of these serieses

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aaahhh I got 5 more followers in 2 days

Welcome to all my new followers, and thank you!!

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Always wanted Erika to watch over you from your phone screen then seal it up?

Now you can have it!

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For a better tag, for a better tomorrow

Tagging your hate is like getting inside a place called “Pasta fanclub” and say “I hate pasta. There are also ways to express your opinions on characters!

The person’s username is not posted here because my purpose is not shaming, I just don’t like going in the tag just to see hating.

This post is not relevant only to this specific hater, but any hater who posts in the tag! Thank you!

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Some pictures from my Trainer RED cosplay photoshoots

Pokemon Trainer RED (Pixiv!Red version)

Thank you Guy for the AMAZING photos!

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So Sofie promised me 10 WillLion fanarts if I will compose a song about that “Lion Ushiromiya has a small dick”
So I did.


Red suit, a beautiful hair
The future Ushiromiya head is there
Mild and polite but full of sass
Speak rudely and he’ll pinch your ass
Confusing all the men and women as one
"Is he a daughter or a beautiful son?!"
Since you can’t see or even touch
Let me speak the truth about his crotch!

Lion Ushiromiya has a small dick
Dating a detective Hobo freak
Lion Ushiromiya has a small dick
There’s no way that he’ll let you peek
Lion Ushiromiya has a small dick
At least he is a dude and not a chick

Small dick, Small dick
Lion Ushiromiya has a small dick

Sorry my accent is shit

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"Lion and Erika have no canon connection!"
Yeah. We know.
But we think it really is a shame.

It was so fun photoshooting them together according to our headcanons. Netta (Lion) is my cosplay waifu, so we didn’t even care wether the pictures were serious or not. Hench the bad jokes.
Enjoy our faces.

Photographer: Itzik Gutman Gross
Erika: TheWitchOfFailing
Lion: WitchOfSound / NettaChanArt
(we didn’t make the URLs on purpose, I swear—)

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Actually, it was on my ask for quite long, but I really wanted to get and finish all the cosplays (especially Lion’s cosplay) before answering that!!Aside for those cosplays I also cosplayed “School girl” Erika in two versions (summer+winter) I did for my own fun for small meetings and I really hope to re-sew Erika’s dress one day

Thank you Itzik for the pictures of Lion and fanon!Yasu! (and for Ofir for the edit of Yasu’s picture)
Thank you Nadav for the wedding dress!Erika picture
Thank you Sharon for the Dlanor picture, and Dani for the edit
Thank you Elad for the Erika picture, and Tomer for the eldertrice picture!