Posted 8 hours ago

I got to do some more Umineko shoots with my Lion cosplay with two friends, and I really love the photos we got!

TheWitchOfFailing as Beatrice the Elder

Noa as Beatrice

Me as Ushiromiya Lion

Thank you Guy for the AMAZING photos!

Posted 1 week ago

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Thank you so much for 200 followers!!!!

Thank you for sticking up with me all this time! I promise to keep drawing and keep recieving requests as much as I can!! (BRING THEM ON!)

Posted 4 weeks ago

Sometimes I have the need to draw my OTP in a passionate moment

Posted 1 month ago

It can even be Willard H[eart] Wright

but nope Huntington pls

Posted 1 month ago

I drew some Dlanor on my Twitter yesterday.

Precious baby

Posted 1 month ago

[despair intensifies]

[hope intensifies]

I need more crossovers of these serieses

Posted 2 months ago
Posted 2 months ago

aaahhh I got 5 more followers in 2 days

Welcome to all my new followers, and thank you!!

Posted 2 months ago

Always wanted Erika to watch over you from your phone screen then seal it up?

Now you can have it!

Posted 2 months ago

For a better tag, for a better tomorrow

Tagging your hate is like getting inside a place called “Pasta fanclub” and say “I hate pasta. There are also ways to express your opinions on characters!

The person’s username is not posted here because my purpose is not shaming, I just don’t like going in the tag just to see hating.

This post is not relevant only to this specific hater, but any hater who posts in the tag! Thank you!